Uri's Birthday Cake Smash

Uri reached out to me a few months ago to plan a special birthday shoot for her upcoming birthday. She had decided she wanted to do something special this year, something memorable, fun and silly, she immediately suggested doing a cake smash. Now if you don't know anything about cake smashes, it is something that is traditionally done with first and second birthdays, and involves giving a toddler a small cake for them to smash and eat by themselves. Now you can imagine that this is quit messy and makes for great photos, so doing a cake smash as an adult was going to be something pretty fun and outside the box, something right up my alley.

I suggested we do the shoot at this amazing tree tunnel location I know about and to get the best lighting while avoiding traffic,I suggested we do it as a morning shoot, Uri agreed and we put it on the calendar. Well the morning ended up being quite foggy to the surprise of us both, to be honest I was very excited about the unexpected fog, but a little worried that the client might be put off by the unanticipated surprise. However to my surprise Uri was pretty excited about the fog as well and took it as an opportunity to get some unique shots. I was ecstatic about her enthusiasm and ability to roll with the punches. As a photographer that primarily uses natural light and shoots outside, being able to roll with the punches is pretty much a job requirement for me; you never know what the weather will be like or if any unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances will play a part in your photoshoot, so having a client who trusts you, even when things go off plan is worth noting.

The fog provided for some amazing photos, and even though it was a little cold, Uri joked that having cake and champagne for her birthday breakfast was pretty amazing and so worth it, I couldn't have agreed more!

Happy Birthday Uri!